Uckers for Android and iOS coming soon

This addictive game is being developed for iOS, Android and Web. Uckers has a unique mix of skill and luck, making it one of the most enjoyable board games around.

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'Tis the season...

  • Fun

    Uckers is a game of passion, excitement, and competition.  We want players to feel the emotion of the game and be keen to come back to repeat the experience.

  • Friendship

    Our history originates from the comradery of the Armed Forces.  We want players to rekindle old relationships, make new ones and take this spirit of friendship to all.

  • Respect

    Uckers is an inclusive game where players are treated with courtesy and kindness. This includes respect for the data that players trust us with, being transparent and responsible in how that data is handled.

  • Charity

    The world can be made a better place through Uckers – and we want to help those who are in need of charitable giving across the world.

Uckers is a fun, engaging game and we want to promote a vibrant, welcoming community of players centred around Uckers.com. The game is a unique mix of skill and luck which we think will be enjoyed by players of all ages.

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Uckers.com is all about bringing Uckers to the world. What better way to show your love of the game than by wearing Uckers apparel!

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Uckers.com is devoted to bringing the game to the world by unleashing the fun of the game for all. Coming soon on iOS, Android and the web. Discover a game that you just can't put down.

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