We've chosen these items specially for Uckers lovers and we produce each one especially for you when you place your order.  If you know Uckers, you'll love these products!

    Our values mirrored in our choice of suppliers

    Our products are selected from suppliers whose eco-friendly commercial values mirror those of Shop. Our suppliers use the following means to produce their goods responsibly.

    Print close to customers ~  Use renewable energy ~ Print using water-based inks  ~ Use recycled and sustainably sourced, plant-based materials   Use organic cotton   Source from Fairtrade manufacturers  Use plastic-free packaging

    • Quality

      It is important to us that our clothing and accessories are going to look good for years to come. We are on a mission to find the best products for you at a reasonable price.

    • Sustainable

      Our clothes are sourced from fairtrade suppliers, made from certified organic cotton or recycled materials, in factories powered by renewable energy with images that are printed using water-based inks. 

    • Packaging

      All orders are shipped in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, designed with the environment in mind and made with natural materials. They are rip-proof, splash-proof mailers made from paper.

    Some of our favourites

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