The Story

The Story

In 2022, I was playing an online game of chess with an old shipmate whilst having a skype call with him at the same time - he being in Saudi Arabia and me being in Spain.  As we played, we reminisced about our time in the Royal Navy and the subject of Uckers came up and he asked the question "how come there isn't a digital version of the game?"

Whilst we were finishing the game, I did some quick searches online, finding out that the domain was available and that there was very little relating to game that could be referenced.  Shortened story - I bought the domain there and then and started Uckers International the following day.

Shortly after, I found out that there was a digital version of the game available in the form of an app for the iPhone.  I eventually managed to track down the developer and, after a couple of video calls, we decided to join forces with a view to making the wonderful game of Uckers available worldwide.

The original app for the iPhone.

Tim, a serving officer in the Royal Navy, lives in Portsmouth whereas I live in Spain.  It has taken us almost 18 months to bring the game as we want it (professional, slick, true-to-its-origins, fun, exciting, challenging) to market - and still Tim and I haven't met physically yet!

In creating the company, Tim and I realised that we have many shared values which we want to be at the root our venture, and these are:

Fun:  We want the game to be a good facsimile of the physical game with all the passion and excitement that is generated with the competition.  But we also want the company to be fun too, in the way we operate and do business.

Friendship: Uckers is a unifying part of life in the Armed Forces and helps build the comradery that is essential to military life.  We want Uckers to be something that can develop that, rekindle old friendships and be a key element in making new ones.

Respect: The game is famous for its banter, often derogatory and aggressive, but never serious enough to be taken disrespectfully.  As a company, we put great value in courtesy, kindness, and respectfulness and it will remain a core principle that we will follow.

Charity: We genuinely believe that the world can be a better place through Uckers.  Mindful of our origins, we want to help those who have served and need support.  To this end, we are committed to donating 20% of our profits to good causes that support serving and ex-members of the Armed Forces through associated charities.

We believe we can be true to all of these, developing a digital version of the game we love which can be played across the globe, in friendly games, challenging leagues and exciting tournaments.  This is why our logo is underlined with the strapline 'More than Ludo'.

We have started a journey that we hope you will join us on.  We'd love you to contribute to our mission of making 'Uckers for all', and we hope that you enjoy the game as much as we do.



 Paul Cooper

6th Dec 2023

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Hi Buster / Baz, thanks very much for your comments. The app will be available on 26 Mar 2024 on iOS and Android. Check out the front page of this website on the 26th for a link. And yes, you’ll be able to 8-piece your oppo even if they’re playing on a different device, in any country!

Tim Wills

My oppo and I have been playing Uckers for years…..he has recently gone to Aussie to live. (Bar steward) This app will be great for us IF, we can. He’s on iPhone and I’m on Android. Will that be possible?
Looking forward to playing online.


Would like to show my interest in the new app when it comes out please. 🤣🤣

Baz Partridge

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