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Paul is passionate about making UCKERS.COM a worldwide gaming phenomenon.  Formerly a submariner in the Royal Navy where he learned this fantastic game, Paul’s career has given him considerable experience in many areas of business management and company operations. 

Paul served for 12 years in the Royal Navy from 1977-1990.  Since then, he has worked in senior positions in such companies as IBM, ICL and Interserve.  He has created several companies including training, consultancy and food manufacturing businesses. 

Paul was diagnosed with depression 8 years ago and decided to pull away from the corporate world.  As part of his recovery, he became a listening volunteer for the Samaritans and an accredited trainer of mental health first aid courses for MHFA England.  Paul is now a listening volunteer for Samaritans in Spain. 

Paul lives with his partner, Mich, and two dogs and seventeen cats near Valencia in Spain on the Mediterranean coast. 


In 2015, Tim checked the App Store for an Uckers app whilst deployed with the Royal Navy. Surprised to find there was none, he set about making his own. Tim is excited to finally bring his iOS game to Android this year, the culmination of 8 years of effort made possible through Tim is thrilled to truly be bringing Uckers to the world. 

Currently a serving Officer in the Royal Navy, Tim has held various roles in front line Squadrons and more recently in the Headquarters. Originally a junior Doctor in the NHS, Tim had a change of career in 2010 and hasn’t looked back.  

Tim enjoys running and windsurfing in his spare time, which is not something he gets much of now that takes up most of it outside his Royal Navy career. 

Tim lives with his wife, Christina, and family in Portsmouth, UK. 


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