Uckers.com - The Game

What can you expect from the game?


We’ve designed the game to be as close to the physical game played by Armed Forces across the globe as possible.  The game becomes even more addictive through the ability to challenge anyone in the world and share the fun of playing. 


As the original game developed through time, the number of rule variations grew.  We have taken the seven most popular variations and make them optional, so you can play the game with which you are most familiar. 


Our aim is to grow the player base and provide the opportunity for social interaction through the game.  The banter associated with the game is legendary and like no other, but is always (well, nearly) light-hearted and never personal. 


Once we have achieved a critical mass of players, we intend to launch leagues and tournaments.  The leagues will be international and open to anyone who uses the app.  Tournaments and competitions will be varied – geographical, inter- and intra-Service, invitational and so on.  We aim to hold an Uckers Online World Championship in 2024. 

Key Features

The game can be played on iOS and Android devices.  The app benefits from not having any advertising at all, enhancing the gaming experience. 

In-play features: 

Three rule categories: 

  • Standard play:  the rules as defined in the Royal Navy 
  • Tournament play:  Standard rules with the addition of suck backs 
  • Custom rules:  The more common rule variations that have emerged within the history of uckers – all selectable (subscription required) 
Three selectable game timers: 
  • Turn Timer: limits on how long a player can complete a turn. 
  • Chess Timer:  As with chess, the time each player has to complete a game. 
  • Game Timer:  Total time to complete a game. 

Offline or practise play:  Play against our computer using selectable rule variables.  

Unrestricted online play against other players:  Connect with others through a link you can share through social media or messaging platforms. 

In the pipeline...

Leagues:  We have designed a scoring system and league structure which has been based on the progression system of the online language learning app, Duolingo.

Creation of tournaments structure and organisation of championships 

  • Inter/Intra Service championships. 
  • National championships  
  • International Armed Forces Challenges 
  • World Uckers Championship 

Addition of ‘chat’ facility 

Improvement of the Bot (computer) 

Additional rule variations (e.g. blob takes blob) 

Further Resources:


Want to learn more?

We've put together some tutorials for you to learn about both the great game and also how to navigate the game on Android and iOS.